How often have you found yourself sending an email and forgetting to include the attachments ?

CatchAttach is designed to do one thing well and that is to warn you if you do that.

CatchAttach is an Outlook Attachment reminder that works with Outlook 2007 and 2010 (sorry not 2003 or Windows Live Mail at this time). It is a full Outlook plug-in developed using Microsoft's own VSTO technology. We have even signed it so that you can be assured of its quality and reliability.

CatchAttach allows you to specify the keywords you use when you attach a file to an email. If it finds any of these keywords when you click the "send" button and there are no attachments you will receive a warning.

We think of CatchAttach as an App therefore we charge the absolute minimum to cover our costs so you can purchase a CatchAttach license for just £1.95 plus taxes. We've also made the purchasing process as quick and easy as possible by employing The Power of Paypal and Express Checkout.

CatchAttach is licensed to the default email address that you use in Outlook. The software can be downloaded here and you can try CatchAttach before you buy. To get your license key enter your default email address below and click on the Paypal button. Once you have paid we will immediately reveal you license code and also email it to you.

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